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Circular Economy in the Tourism Sector

By Luciano Lopez

The economy was pictured until recently as linear, with a strong tendency to satisfy the consumers' needs with brand new products, somehow to give them a feeling of exclusivity. However, a full range of environmental, socio-demographic and economic indicators, mostly alarming, rose the need to change our consumption and production habits.

5 Reasons Why Agoda’s Mix and Save Feature Could Be Disastrous for Hotel Operations

By David Eisen

Online travel agencies are digging their fingers further into the hotel industry. One of the latest disrupting features comes from Booking Holdings-owned Agoda and its Mix and Save option, which it hails as a win for budget-conscious travelers.

The WiFi-Free Hotel Restaurant

By Larry Mogelonsky

This is not about 'free WiFi' but by placing the first word last it turns the concept on its head. The proposed idea here may seem a bit counterintuitive because a primary responsibility of modern hotels is to provide for our guests, with internet access being a clear necessity like heating and running water.

Hotel Budget Planning: Use BI to Create a More Profitable 2020

By Kevin Duncan

Brilliant autumn leaves and that slight nip in the air signal the start of the fall season, and right along with it comes the start of hotel budget season. After 10 consecutive years of occupancy expansion, CBRE Hotels Research is projecting that hotel owners will experience a slight decline in 2020 due to the combination of limited demand growth and modest supply increases.

What’s Next for Your [Hotel] Brand?

By Holden Madison

Tess Mattisson, Senior Director of European Marketing for Choice Hotels International, oversees 400+ hotels and multiple hotel franchise brands across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions: she has picked up a thing or two on hotel franchise brand management.

Formulating “Asset Light” Strategies In The Hospitality Industry Through The Spin-Off Of Real Estate Assets

By Francisco Garcia Auyanet

The objective of this article is to analyze the strategic approach that lodging corporations with owned properties in their portfolio are conducting, which advocates for a bifurcation between operational and asset management orchestration.